Revolutionizing Technology That Helps People

As iRespond travels abroad seeking to greater elevate the quality of life in the most remote regions by maximizing our technology in the field, we hope you take a moment to follow and share in our pictorial story.

With each new project or program, our story gets better as the technology iRespond takes to the field is revolutionizing the way medical personnel attend to those in need and how various government, global aid organizations, and agencies interact across a mobile centralized information sharing system.

Please support and follow our story.

Sierra Leone, West Africa – Pilot HPV Vaccination Program & Phase I of eHealth Network for Four Major Hospitals

March – April: 2013

With the support of major government officials across the Ministries of Health and Communications & Technology, iRespond’s two major objectives include supporting a groundbreaking Cancer Prevention Vaccination Program (HPV) and interconnecting four major hospitals to a secure centralized ehealth network.

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health – Successful Testing Transmission of Technology at Six Remote Clinics

April – June: 2012

With the formal endorsement and full support of high ranking officials of the Thai governments’ Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), iRespond’s objective was to successfully and securely transmit medical data across satellites to encrypted mobile servers from six assigned clinics in remote regions strategically located on the Thai & Myanmar border.

Pilot Medical Mission to Support International Medical Team

April: 2011

Collaborated with an international medical aid team visiting the Karin Region near the Thai and Burmese Border to initially test the remote functionality and reliability of our developmental process using hardware and software in cohesive synergy.

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