No Matter Where

iRespond is a Seattle based, international non-profit technology solutions organization founded in 2010, to enhance the quality of life globally – no matter where.

Our mission is to create a collaborative network of empowered individuals to improve the quality of care and the lives of people everywhere through the efficient use of advancing technologies and strengthened global communications. 

iRespond’s IRIS software application platform is a secure, encrypted, accurate health-care data collection system using specialized biometric technologies. It is designed to provide a secure patient database for isolated locations far away from major hospitals or clinics, while providing the same access to patient records as larger hospitals. Furthermore, where a network of global government and non-government organizations and agencies alike can safely exchange and are allowed access to a centralized information database using secure, local cloud based servers, creating greater availability, reach and efficiency.

We strive to build partnerships that are essential to the success and sustainability of our work, collaborating extensively with other support and government organizations, foundations and groups in the local communities we serve. In addition, we are forming unique agreements with the private sector, ensuring that our technologies and strategies are available where needed.

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